Tribe of Four Shawabtis

In ancient Egypt, a Shawabti was a funerary figurine with a hieroglyphic spell written on it.  The spell enabled it to come to life in the afterworld and do work for the deceased. This Shawabti has a contemporary spell written on it that enables it to do work for you in the present world. The spell reads: “If you are called, I will do your work so that you can rest.  I will protect your home and keep you safe from trouble and despair.  I am strong and able, and you can depend on me.”

This Shawabti is 7 1/8 inches tall and is solid, mid-fired, porcelain.  The marble base is 2” x 2.5”.  There is a thin metal rod in the  marble base that stabilizes the figure via a  small center hole.  A separate divider of grogged porcelain (with gold overglaze) sits between the foot of the Shawabti and the marble base.

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