New Shawabti update

After many months of experimentation, I think I have now come close to making a viable, contemporary Shawabti. Here it is

Shawabti (also called ushabti or shabti) funerary figurine

In ancient Egypt, a Shawabti was a funerary figurine with a hieroglyphic spell written on it.  The spell enabled it to come to life in the afterworld and do work for the deceased. This Shawabti has a contemporary spell written on it that enables it to do work for you in the present world. The spell reads: “If you are called, I will do your work so that you can rest.  I will protect your home and keep you safe from trouble and despair.  I am strong and able, and you can depend on me.”

This Shawabti is 7 1/8 inches tall and is solid, mid-fired, porcelain.  The marble base is 2” x 2.5”.  There is a thin metal rod in the  marble base that stabilizes the figure via a  small center hole.  A separate divider of porcelain (with gold overglaze) sits between the foot of the Shawabti and the marble base.

4 thoughts on “New Shawabti update”

  1. The word that occurs to me when I see this object is immanent.

    “Something immanent is inherent in and spread throughout something else — it’s innate, intrinsic and inborn. Immanence is inherent, like that good attitude you were born with.
    Immanent means a quality that is essential to something. Some people think there is an immanent spirit or force in nature.”

    -I think this figure worked Charlie. Your fingers needed some training, your eyes needed some clarity of vision to realize this object. I appreciate the effort it took to achieve it. Good on ya!

    1. Levi,
      Thank you for the kind words and thoughts about the spirit of a thing. I would like to think that this Shawabti has some thread of immanence in it.

  2. Great work Charlie! I too create such power-given entities. Of course, mine are just in my head but maybe that’s all that matters in my case. Hope to see you soon.
    All the best,

    1. Yes, in my mind too I keep these helpers, and it is all that really matters I suppose. For me, in this case, a few of them finally made it out into the ceramic world.

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